About me

I find beauty in the seemingly unfinished process, in lines that fade away without revealing their destination. I’m curious about the tangible and the invisible, what others do and how they do it, discovering places and other life experiences, the outer universe and the inner one.

Rebeca Orts Jover, Alicante 1981.

From dream to dream, drawing has always been a constant, flowing naturally into the art of tattooing. This profession has been the thread of her journey.

She started by observing her role models in fairs, those she saw in the late 90s magazines. Later on, she took part in specific seminars and traveled extensively as a guest to international studios and conventions.

After years of tattooing, the need to explore other disciplines emerges: pottery, painting, engraving, watercolor… In this pursuit, drawing from life allowed her to break free from the needles precision, an exercise in letting go of control over the outcome.

During the lockdown, painting brings calm and reveals what was learned, despite years without brushes.. Tattooing can take over everything.

In recent years, illustrating or painting murals proposals arrived, sometimes tied to social actions, and slowly she tries ways to combine both worlds without letting one devour the other, neither herself.

This page is a showcase of the work she develops with each material. Walking around here is like strolling through her home and mind.


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